Chris Hessler

Washington DC & Arlington VA

Christopher Hessler has more than 25 years of environmental and energy policy experience at the state, regional and federal level working with elected officials and private sector leaders. He has advised a wide array of nationally and internationally respected clients including private corporations, non-profit organizations, business and industry organizations, foundations, research organizations and advocacy coalitions.

Mr. Hessler has gained a reputation for his expert knowledge of environmental and energy programs and for his innovative strategies using or modifying government policies to enhance market opportunities. He founded AJW, Inc. to provide high-quality consulting and advocacy services for clients seeking to accelerate the development and deployment of emerging energy and environmental technologies. The firm initially focused on helping innovators attract investment and penetrate markets dominated by incumbent technologies often entrenched by government policies. Mr. Hessler is now expanding AJW services and areas of expertise.

Prior to founding AJW, Mr. Hessler served as Deputy Staff Director for the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works where he was the lead staff member for issues related to the Clean Air Act, global climate change and energy. In that capacity, he supported the Chairman and Committee Members on multiple successful legislative and regulatory efforts, including key amendments to the Clean Air Act now in law. He participated in a broad range of activities related to many other environmental statutes as well as highway, water, and other infrastructure issues.

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