Chris Tannian

Where to Start? This year I get to live an incredible dream, and spend attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government's mid-career program. The Kennedy School of Government purpose is to provide todays leaders in the public sector with the skills required to help tackle the biggest public issues facing today's leaders.

So a little background on me, I am Married, father of 4 wonderful children, and a lifelong public servant - currently working at MassDEP - and I am incredible proud to work at an agency full of dedicated and committed professionals.

For the last 15 years or so I have been working in the technology sector in state government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is a rewarding but challenging arena. Like everywhere else, MassDEP has faced harsh budget challenges, dwindling resources and rising expectations. The work we do in technology is critical to compensate for the lost resources and to help the agency fulfill our agency's critical mission.

I am an avid reader, particularly History, a runner, and lover of live music, and of course the local sports scene.