Chris Moss

London, Ontario, Canada

A wealth of experience and warmth, Chris brings a unique flair to her emergent facilitation practice. She has a deep community passion, and has worked closely with nonprofits, municipal governments, academia, communities, businesses and social entrepreneurs who care about where they live and the impact they have on society.

Recently certified at M.I.T. in Boston in the U.Lab Process, Chris uses U Theory, as well as other design thinking methodologies, to help her clients build innovative concept that will solve some of our communities most difficult social issues.

Chris is a sought after speaker, coach and facilitator in the areas of cross sector collaborations, social impact and social innovation. She uses unique design thinking methodologies to energize her clients in ways that take them just outside of their comfort zone where they can set and achieve audacious goals.

With 17 years of hands-on leadership experience and a Masters of Arts Degree in Leadership, Chris understands the pressure of leading organizations and the challenges of elevating them to new heights in their community.

As the winner of the 2014 Toastmasters International's Communication and Leadership award, Chris works to develop young leaders, re-energize older ones and create caring, innovative and authentic leaders who really want to have a positive impact on their part of the world.

  • Education
    • Masters of Arts Degree in Leadership