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Ok I will keep this short info.

1. I was born in Norfolk, Virginia


2. I was live in Norfolk,Virginia and now moved to Austin,Texas.

3. Living with my family of mine mom, sister and her boyfriend.

4. I like swimming, hiking, and taken pictures and videos of cool places you can looking up on my Instagram with my others social networks.

5. Foods that I like to eat is pizza, chicken, hotdog, burger, and some healthy food.

6. Drinks sometime soda but mostly water but I do like beer and red wine also.

7. I used to have cancer in me and it's out of me I'm cancer survivor thank you lord, doctors and nurses.

8. My real name is Chris Parlette but you can call me Chris also on my username of my social media is BigDaddyCsp just my favorite wrestler is Kevin Nash and 3 letters are my initial.

9. If you like me awesome I come here to make friends not enemies so please don't request and follow me on each social networks if you going to do me wrong I'm not here for that reason. #respect

10. Families are important in my life without them I'm nothing I so blessed to have my families love them all.

11. Sports I like NFL Cowboys and Texans college football U.T. ,NBA Spurs ,baseball Dodgers,and Nascar.


Places hopefully that I like to go to if my traveling schedule haven't changed?

Chicago, Illinois in 2020

St. Petersburg, Florida in 2021

Chesapeake, Virginia in 2022

Redondo Beach, California in 2023

  • Work
    • Walmart
  • Education
    • Lake Taylor High School