Chris Prosser


A passionate chef and part-time techno geek with a penchant for Gadgets, Gaming, Amateur Photography and Graphic Design, Chocolate, Red Wine and Curry. A father to 2 wonderful girls, a fabulous little boy. I have been in the Catering and Hospitality Industry for 25 years and cooked and served all over the world, from the dusty deserts of Oman and the icy fjords of Norway to the humid jungles of Belize and the sandy beaches of Fiji. After such a long time in the trade I have picked up quite a few tricks and enjoy cooking a variety of dishes from Nepalese Curries to Fine Dining Cocktail Canapés and Posh Pastries to Italian Pastas. I have had the pleasure of cooking for many famous celebrities and even several members of royalty. I love the opportunity to pass on the benefits of my knowledge to others. I always make it a priority to provide the best service I possibly can. Happy to cater for just a few or a few thousand I thrive on pressure and I'm always up for challenge.