Chris Russell

Hamilton, Ontario

Dear World,

A little about me, Father, Photographer and all things good. I remain mindful of all that surrounds me in this world and in this life!

I am a father first and I love to capture the moment with my 50 mm lens mounted to my Nikon. Personally prefer monochrome to colour! Colour certainly has a time and place within but black and white touches the heart and soothes the soul! I love technology if I can ever keep up with it :). I am thankful for special people in my life, thank you Doris.

Toronto will forever hold a special place in my heart. I have to leave for a while to follow my light but will return one day to capture it all over again! So many memories stored within my soul.

G+ (where I share some images) has been a great place to share space with great people with great thoughts, words and creativity. It allows me to share without feeling compromised in any way. The kindness and input from people on this site has been a welcoming part of my day(s). Thank you to all!

Staying true and mindful of all that surrounds me and believe kindness overrules everything else in this world. Hoping one day the world will be a better place, where greed takes a backseat and manners, humanity along with logic are practiced on all levels of civilization.

Things I love to love,

My Light (Daughter)
My Family
My Nikon
To Write
The Art of Power (Book)
A morning Americano
Green Tea
Technology (when used in moderation)
Being mannerly and polite
Fast Company (site and magazine)
Driving five (5) speed
My personal success
Love (love only, to be loved in return equally)

Living life with focus and direction. Moving forward with my light in life!

Impossible is nothing.

Cheers & Love.

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