Christian Trygstad

Marketing Director in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Born in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, I grew up with computers from an early age. After high school (where I achieved multiple academic awards while playing soccer, basketball and baseball), I went to undergrad at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. I wrote my senior thesis on the future of marketing, with a heavy dose of the paper dedicated to online marketing.

After graduation, I moved back to the Twin Cities to pursue a career in marketing. Early on, I realized the impact that SEO can have on marketing for smaller organizations, especially in regards to demand generation. I taught myself HTML, CSS, how to design websites, and how to program web applications with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. I built dynamic product catalogs, a web analytics platform before Google Analytics existed, and a program that tracked inbound and outbound shipments out of the warehouse.

I attended the University of St. Thomas, gaining an MBA from their evening program to continue to sharpen my business skills.

I continued to evolve my career, developing, leading and executing the online marketing strategy for a national healthcare and medical device brand.

Today, I am a creative marketing strategist and technologist in a digital world. Able to build a LAMP server from baremetal, and comfortable being the first speaker at a national convention for more than 300 attendees, I possess a unique mix of technological, business, and interpersonal skills required in today's digital world.

I now reside on the Southeast suburbs of the Twin Cities with my two sons and sharpen. I go by "Chris", "Christian", and sometimes "Trigger", but never "Christopher".

I've taken a dip in a geothermal lagoon in Iceland, surfed in the Pacific Northwest Coast, parasailed in Mexico, learned to windsurf in Roatan, taken river tours of Reisling country in Germany, ran through the streets of Paris in the rain, and snorkled the waters of Jamaica.