I'm an Artist, a Minimalist, and a Realist. I'm Urbane, Creative, Sociable, Idealistic, Compulsive, Obsessive, Obstinate, Indecisive, Intuitive, and Resentful.

I'm not easy to get along with, and I judge immediately.

I love Art, Geography, Philosophy, Theory, Greek Mythology, History, Reading, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, and Art History.

The things I enjoy the most in my life are Hiking, Nature, Coffee, Books, Globes, Landscapes, Photos, Tattoos, Shows, Makeup, Road Trips, Good People, Good Times, The Fall, Bon Fires, Volkswagens, Travelling, Indie Films, and Alaska.

I'd Rather be Alone in a Big City and have a Companion in Nature.

I'm 18 years old and I plan to major in Art History and minor in Addictions counseling, I have a Wonderful Boyfriend, Good Friends, and a Great Family.