Chrisafis Tantanozis

Musician in Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα

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Hey :), I’m Chrisafis, a music artist and fan! I love chatting with new friends around the world.


✔ released "Choirs Of Immortal" via Pure Steel Records (cover art by Joe Petagno).
✔ released "Generation X" via 7Hard Records.
✔ released "Rock Until We Fall" 7" vinyl single via Steel Gallery + Pure Steel record companies (mastering by Chris Tsangarides).
✔ released "Hellmade" via Massacre Records.
✔ released 5 official music videos.
✔ released 4 official teasers trailers.
✔ released 1 lyric video.
✔ run various release parties & headline shows in Greece.
✔ did a central European tour 2014 with Mystic Prophecy.
✔ did a Greek tour 2015 with Gus G.
✔ did an exclusive acoustic with Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper).


✔ "Hellmade" was voted as the best Massacre Records release for 2014.
✔ landed Top 5 in Rock Overdose's "favourite Greek rock/metal band of all time" contest 2014.
✔ endorsed by Spiral Direct UK clothing.
✔ endorsed by Unibra Hellas beer company (& Iron Maiden, Ac/Dc, Motorhead beers).
✔ endorsed + signature by R-Sticks drumsticks.
✔ endorsed + signature by Clayton USA guitar picks.
✔ Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of Guns N' Roses presented "Hellmade".
✔ actor Lew Temple of The Walking Dead fame presented "Hellmade" & introduces "Resurrection Suicide" music video.
✔ actor Lou Taylor Pucci of Evil Dead fame introduces "Beds Are Burning" music video.