Christian Akal, II

Sarasota, FL

27 yearss old. I am an Immortal soul at heart. I feel i must accomplish everything and try everything from horse back riding to flying airplanes, to trying crazy food. I am not sure how much i will achieve in this lifetime for a current review. Born a Gemini, I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter who i love so much. Being a single father opens your eyes to a lot. I am with a band D15 we are on our way to becoming something noticeable, i do all the managing, booking, accounting, and some back up vocals for them. I am also currently training with the Trinidad and Tobago national team in soccer. Would love to play in the next world cup qualifiers. I play guitar, learning piano. I am a huge soccer fan and a huge fan of Manchester United! I also make rap and Dubstep beats in my spare time if any is available. My life is a scatter of a lot of things, but no matter what it always ends up ending with me. IF you actually read this i apologize for the boring collection of a man that does to much. I feel that you shouldnt let anyone hold you down from what you are destined to become.

  • Work
    • D 15 Manager
  • Education
    • Full Sail University 2013