Chris Allen

Brighton, UK

I am an independent mixing engineer & professional musician. I work on a number of different projects for artists, labels and corporate clients.

My studio is a hybrid analog & digital system based around a Protools 11 HDX2 rig & ATC monitoring in my Nick Whitaker-designed mix room here in Brighton, UK. My room is one of 8 studios in an old building by the harbour. I strive to combine the very latest music technology with the character & texture of analogue equipment. I record both digitally and to 1/2" tape on my 40 year old Ampex tape machine.

My current roster of artist clients includes:

Planet of Sound [Armada, NL] [my artist project]

The Acid [Mute Records / Infectious] [mixing]

Howling [Monkeytown Records / Innervisions] [mixing]

Ry-X [unsigned] [mixing]

U.N.K.L.E [mixing, production & co-write]

Charlie May [Microcastle] [mixing]