Chris Allman

My name is Chris Allman. I am the Managing Member of Allman & Associates, an accounting firm based out of Hurricane, West Virginia. I am the father of three beautiful children: two girls and one boy; ages two, five, and eight. As an INTP, I can best be described as determined, analytical, visionary thinker, intuitive, philosophical, creative, and a leader.

It is through being a father that I realized that there is a bigger plan in life, a plan which required a new way of thinking. After years of formulating this plan and gaining valuable experience with West Virginia's largest accounting firms, I decided to set out on my own, to build a better future for myself and my family.

My firm's philosophy is simple: treat each client as an equal and to act as an advisor for each client year round. I believe that frequently communication is key to developing meaningful relationships and to provide the best service to each client. At Allman & Associates, we are good with numbers, but you are more than just a number to us.