Chris MacDonald

I'm a father, husband, designer, web developer and a lover of tomfoolery. I own a design studio of one, Second Nature Studio.

I am a lightly seasoned web designer & user expieience developer with an extensive background in consulting and direct client service. To each client engagement I bring a deep understanding of usability, intuitive web design and web marketing fundamentals.

Foucs on the user expierience and how design effects how a product is used has always facinated me, I see things that work - because the simple make sense. I help others make their stories, ideas and products real, look professional and do the job they are set out to do.

Technically, I rely on industry-standard development principles, web standards & processes to guide my work and I try to remain on top of new technology and frameworks. My work, whether it’s a site redesign or user interface for a mission critical web application, always incorporates clean design features with second nature usability to deliver an outstanding product.

I have worked with companies like Volkswagen Credit, Rosetta Stone, Verizon, Cable & Wireless, Noblestar, Tutornet & CARFAX. I am currently a partner at

For more useless information on me you can follow me on Tumblr, or to see up to the minute designs in progress, view snippets of my work on Dribbble.