Chris Anaya

With a focus on helping veterans to navigate through the disability claims process, Chris Anya is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Army. In 2009, the VA Regional Office in White River Junction, Vermont, hired Mr. Anaya as a Veterans Service Representative. In an average month, Chris Anaya may handle more than 90 claims. With an extensive workload, he utilizes his customer service, multi-tasking, and time-management skills.

In handling these claims, Chris Anaya facilitates the timely processing of claims and consults with veterans regarding their rights and responsibilities. He also accesses government databases each day to assist in the adjudication of disability compensation claims. Given the current economic and legislative climate, Mr. Anaya must also stay on top of any changes taking place in policies and regulations as they relate to disability claims, pension claims, and dependency information.

Chris Anaya traces his penchant for handling the bureaucratic maze of military and government regulations back to his Army days in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. As an Administrative Specialist for the Army stationed at West Valley City, Utah, he supervised about 50 personnel. His duties also included acting as Senior Legal Assistant for the battalion and working at the Military Entrance Processing Station. MEPS gave Mr. Anaya his first exposure to medical terms and diagnoses, proving useful in his current responsibilities. While in this position, he also created curricula for training programs and actively participated in training other personnel.