Chris Arceneaux

Public Speaker, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in New York

Chris Arceneaux

Public Speaker, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in New York

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Chris Arceneaux, Brand Ambassador with Mercedes-Benz, Professional Golfer, Professor at Nassau Community College.Motivational/KeynoteSpeaker, Author, Philanthropist, Creative Strategist, Entrepreneur,Spokesperson, TV/Radio, Commercials, Celebrity Judge, Educatorand Founder/CEO of the DARBY Foundation New York.

“DREAM BIG, BIG DREAMS”…..” This is the personal motto of Chris

Arceneaux, the founder and CEO of The Darby Foundation. Chris intent is motivating individuals to maximize their potential and live their dream.

As a leader, entrepreneur and educator, Chris draws on his vast experience and successes as the blueprint for his foundation. With strong passion, resiliency andunwavering commitment he has always found a way to achieve his goals no matter what the obstacle. Fromlearning the game of golf at the age of 12 to being a top sales earner in the finance and mortgage industry,Chris has demonstrated leadership every step of the way.

With the Darby Foundation, Chris is taking a very unique approach to changing lives and “bridging the gap.”

Bringing opportunity, purpose and focus to those individuals that would not otherwise be exposed to such life altering experiences. With literacy as the "vehicle" and the game of golf as the highway Chris and The Darby

Foundation can see pass the horizon to the limitless opportunities for our youth. Ask him and he will tell you that career, education and life skills are also part of the Darby plan or "road map" for a better tomorrow.

Chris is committed to partnering with businesses and community organizations. He has been featured by GIVE the Magazine, African American Golfer’s Digest Magazine, Verizon Fios New 1, BET News, andinterviewed by his Pastor A.R. Bernard from Christian Culture Center, Brooklyn, NY.

His successes as amateur and professional athlete, in the community and the financial field took him to the boardroom as one of Celebrity Judges for McDonald’s New York Metro Nutrition Network Winners Selection

Committee! He was one of the dedicated team of judges consisting of McDonald’s Owners, nutritionists, nonprofit experts and agency partners. The committee spent weeks reviewing applications and the top 20FINALISTS. His role was critical in determining the final 5 WINNERS. He has worked on marketing initiativesfor global corporations such as the Golf Channel, YES Putters and ADAMS GOLF during the 2012 NFL KICKOFFin New York City

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