chris taylor

Greater Manchester

Hello to you... A good friend mentioned this site to me,and i thought i would pop up a note to say" Mang Tout".

I have been involved personally and professionally with pro audio for several years, with high end valve amplifier research and manufacture and sales to private clients. The commonwealth games (UK) track was mastered with one such device on mixdown & received a good review,

i am currently studying and applying my other skillsets in Inspection & testing of properties for an other collegue who runs his own Safety Consultans, it is a good outlet & allows me to keep up to date with things. I have taken & passed a NEEBOSH module for Fire+Risk Management, which is very involved, but gives a wide overview of Legistlation & 'ting.

Onwards & upwards Rodders!


  • Work
    • Electrical & fire risk Inspector
  • Education
    • All the time bud!!