Chris Atcheson

Sculptor in Reno, Nevada

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Earth Warrior/ Surfer of the not yet understood landscape PLANET EARTH. Trying my best to fit in within be... or not be... a good boy. Keeping tuned in> to purpose? All the while trying to keep out unwanted distractions. Mind body spirit listen deep... you can hear her.

I feel like a 'Pelican Man', back and fourth I roam the sky from Nevada mountains desert hue- to emerald green of old Czech lands- to surfers Sea coasts, playa sands. The world a home sweet home for me, thus title: It's mine you see. "Don't Tread!" an angry constitutional finger wavin red neck said; wave also a green flag above your head. Clean up Fukushima leaks soon or everything will be dead. Poetic justice a romance with atomic greed to payback straw-man Truman's Answer.

The party long over unless your a migrant you might get bent over at Dover, best stay out of the Rover... extra water with beer so you don't get hung over. Tell that to the Conservative, Christian Purist, Zionist, Islamist, drunk with their Jihad. Also to Political correct liberals pissing in wind. Honor our women because Moderate/Secular life is hard work when Omnipotent powers teach our girls ether put on a veil or how to twerk!