Chris Beglau

Hello everyone. My name is Chris Beglau. i was born may 23 1977 in Regina Sasatchewan. When i was younger we moved around alot due to my dads job. We lived in Vibank for a few years in 1985 we moved to Moose Jaw. We moved back to Regina in 1992.I went a few different schools over the years.I finally found a good school.Cochrane High school where i earned a couple auto parts awards.In 1994 Imet Michele my high school sweetheart. We were Married to on August 26 2000. I have been with Michele for 18 years. We have two beautiful children. We adopted Aereanna in Febuary 2010, Austyn in December 2010.i have been working in the automotive industry as a parts counterperson for 15 years. I have worked at many different places over the years such as Bumper to Bumper,Autoparts plus, Autogallery and Den-Paul distributors.I have been at Den-Paul for close to 10 years. I hhave also been in a few home based businesses over the years, All of them have been in Health, Beauty products we have unfortunatly been unable to get any where with them. I think that has to do with having to rely on family to get anywhere. I have learned now that you can't do that. I have changed routes in my life with doing the marketing thing, which is really new to me and definitely a new curve in life thats for sure. I have met a totally new group of great people in a new oclosed group call Global Wealth. We can can be found a few different ways., You can also email me at michelechris beglau on facebook to get access to the group. You can even email me at