Chris Birch

Grew up in Buckinghamshire, England where an appreciation of nature led me into gaining a biological degree. I worked in sales within the healthcare industry before moving into clinical research and eventually taking the brave step of setting up own company providing business development services. I have been a field hockey player most of my life (following in my late father's footsteps) and enjoy the social scene this sport creates. I even went as far as setting up a touring side in 1995 with 9 players. This side can now call upon over 120 players scattered throughout the world and is responsible for 3 marriages and 5 babies! I also enjoy snowboarding although I came to winter sports quite late. I used to surf but have not taking my board out for a few years now and it might be worth something as an antique. I am a active fundraiser for Parkinson's UK - my dad was a sufferer and this contributed towards his death. I perform a solo rendition of "A Christmas Carol" each Christmas to raise money of Parkinson's UK and this year plan to go on tour to raise funds.