Chris Bittner

Instructional Technologist in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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I am an Instructional Technologist currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My interests range from photography to running. I am also interested in music, education, and hiking.

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So, yes, that's a beer in my hand—a craft beer from Odell Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Honestly, I never thought I would like beer at all until I moved to the Rocky Mountains, where craft beer flows like wine—if wine were made of grains, hops, and ice-cold mountain runoff.

Today I taught Adobe Audition to 12 eager college students beginning a Radio Journalism course under the instruction of award winning journalist Peter Breslow of NPR's Weekend Edition. Tomorrow we'll dig deeper and cut tighter—hitting the streets with digital recorders and microphones in hand. I don't have a Peabody but I can hold my own, and working with great talent can only make me a better student and teacher.

I'm pursuing my masters in Interactive Media from the prestigious Quinnipiac University and the knowledge gained so far is irreplaceable. What can it hurt to keep learning and honing our craft? The gain is well worth the struggle. I am a better person every day I continue the pursuit.

Now for a pint of finely crafted ale—and family—and crisp mountain air. The time to proceed and progress will find us soon enough.