Chris Borland

Father, Coder, and Founder in Bloomington, Indiana

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I've done a lot of diverse things ranging from building cool tech companies to collecting newts for magnetic orientation experiments – and I've done it all with a Religious Studies degree from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). I have more than 30 years of experience leading research and development teams to produce innovative research and products—from figuring out how newts find their way home to creating Augmented Reality games. My current focus is on FeetHere, my 4th tech startups where I'm focusing on the stuff I like and have a lot of experience with, namely mobile location information and services. Every day I look forward to sharing time with my beautiful wife, three children, and all my friends—having fun, doing cool things for the community, and coming to the office to create awesome things. In my free time (HA!) I am designing a giant robot, designing and building a treehouse...ok there's also a lot of game playing and Fun Fridays.

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    • Indiana University Bloomington