Chris Casal


After a career in the high tech dotcom sector, at Ziff Davis Media, Chris switched gears to education. Currently in his 11th year with the New York City Department of Education he teaches at P. S. 10 in Brooklyn, where he serves as the computer teacher, data specialist, technology coordinator, Google Apps administrator, resident iPad geek, and unofficial social media manager and evangelist.

Chris also presents at educational conferences such as FETC, ASCD, NYSCATE, iPad Summit, and the T&L TechForum. He runs technology integration professional development sessions, has blogged for, presented on behalf of Apple at their SoHo retail store & UFT headquarters, and is a recurring presenter for

An ardent believer in knowing where we’ve been to help guide where we’re going, and usually chewing on pens, he can be most easily found on Twitter @Mr_Casal, or neglecting his personal blog (

  • Work
    • PS 10, Brooklyn. (NYCDOE)
  • Education
    • BS, MST, MSED x2