Chris Catalina

I am a Drupal content developer by day and music producer/video editor by night. Day job - I develop, manage, test, and deploy various website projects using Drupal 7, Aptana, and Git. Night job - I write, arrange, and produce different styles of music. I use a whole slew of electronic music gear (moog, dave smith, waldorf, korg, roland) as well as acoustic instruments (gibson, fender, hohner, aria, dw) to paint the musical pictures I have in my head. I also shoot and edit video projects for marketing, informational clips, and training. I also work on a bunch of freelance websites for a mix of clients, maintaining pages with Drupal, WordPress, Zoomla, and Dreamweaver. I like my dogs, OP and Leela. I read about the universe, space-time, and physics theories. We're not the only one's out here in this star filled, mixed up cup.