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I love Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

My favorite movies: Avengers, Captain America, IronMan and every other MCU Film, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Jurasic World.

I listen to many kinds of music but my favorite producer is Avicii. Favorite song: The Nights (it's inspirational)

Another interest of mine, is survival techniques, bug out bag and preperation. I often go hiking, or mountain climbing in the local mountain and I like learning about things like plants, animals, minerals, etc for a survival situation. I also like Bear Grylls and his shows.

I am geek, I like technology, movies, videogames and my favorite tv series are Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Under The Dome.

About my political views: I don't have an ideology, I believe in freedom. I like open - minded people and I am against racism, fascism and ethniscism. Although, I'm neither a "left" nor a "right" political party fan. I think that the new generations could do the change.

Two years ago, I used to have a greek blog in which I was writting about things I thought. Now I have an english blog that is about movies and I never really used it and also, I made a youtube channel to upload things from my life!

About School: I wouldn't tell that I'm a good student because I generally hate the educational system here in Greece. Trust me, it's the worst! I don't want to spend time to learn about things that I will actually Never use.. (ex. Ancient Greek, 3,45 hours per week, why? The 1,5 hours would be enough). I would prefer schools to be more interesting for students, the lessons to be more fun. I mean.. we learn about fysics (which I personally love) but we don't even have a place to do experiments and watch things in action. How do you want me to learn fysics by just telling me what happens if you mix st with st else? It's terrible. Every student here, needs to do extra lessons after school in order to be able to give the final exams. By the way, we even give exams in Christian Education here.. imagine..

Dreams: I want to travel everywhere and meet new people, watch new things, visit cities, villages, forests, landscapes around the world. From Australia to the States, and from Sahara to the Amazon. I want to see the animals in their natural home, meet people with different cultures and taste dishes from other cuisines.

Finally, I enjoy pizza and energy drinks ;)

Chris aka Rehab aka christosftw

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