Chriscially Custodio

Hi There! It's Krish Custodio!

- A worshipper :) Jesus is my first and ultimate love! <3

- I'm a dancer. :)

- I'm a happy person but I can get serious too especially when I have to.

- I want to be an inspiration to others! :)

- I'm a pescotarian. I'm trying my best to eat healthy stuff and watch what I eat.

- My guilty pleasures: chocolate cake & icecream but I work out a lot to burn those calories from my body.

- New York is my dream destination. If given an chance I would go there in a heart beat. I want to pursue Cosmetics and fragrance management at Fashion Institute of Technology <3

- I'm a beauty junkie! I'm very passionate about the business side of make up and perfumes. I want to work for Estee Lauder Companies or L'oreal.

-I'm a fan of all Mark Tungate and Mary Kay Ash's books. :)