Chris Clark

Louisville, MS

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I just made a website called I really enjoy inventing amd making websites that are cool. I hope to turn into a great company one day. So, far it is getting started. I am basically starting small. is like an classifieds or auction website where you get items for a certain price. What you do on is you ask the price for the item you want and sellers come to you. There is more things I am going to add to the website. The hardest part of it all is marketing it. Anybody has any free advice they want to give me, then I will take it. I am good at programming things and creating things. I have been studying the web for marketing infortmation and I learned a little about inbound marketing which seems will be my rescue to the problem of spending large amounts of money on a marketing project. But after all nothing comes easy or free in this world. You get what you give, basically. You can contact me at: if you have any questions or curious about my company

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