Chris Comerford

Strategy and Technology Leader in Chicago, IL USA

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I help organizations unlock value for customers and employees through strategy, process, data, and technology.

My purpose as a professional is to empower others to do what they do even better. Strategy, process, data, and technology are together a powerful toolkit for transformation, regardless of context. I deeply believe in the importance of fostering leadership capability through hands-on action and active knowledge transfer. My aim is always to help others have the “aha” moment of realizing they’re capable of making a decision and then making it happen, even if it seems “above their pay grade” to do so.

I have spent most of my career at the intersection of business and technology, with experiences in multiple industries (education, technology, consulting, and museums). This breadth of experience has situated me well to enter new environments and deliver “quick wins” as a starting point for longer-term value. From the outset, I emphasize building relationships, modeling transparency in intention and action, and creating sustainable structures that empower employees to own their work and conduct it well. Success means we move at the speed and strength of all of us, regardless of our role.

Selected Project History:

* Organization-wide Agile/Scrum transformation with project and portfolio management implementation

* Customer service and sales function change planning

* Cloud services migration for communication and productivity applications

* IT functional and financial assessment for a multi-location restaurant group

  • Education
    • University of Chicago