I'm Chris.

I like to sit around and think shit up.

First to Market, Never Been Done Before, New Opportunity, Multi-Platform Ideas that get people excited. And look, SEO!

I write, I collaborate. I like to make stuff. I take my job seriously but myself, not so much.

I've written long screeds about how it's perfectly acceptable for pizza to be just "okay" and why the bar on the corner is the best one in Manhattan. I'm of the generation that only speaks in Simpsons quotes, but I'm perfectly comfortable producing a photo/video shoot or getting a custom content series up and running.

I have strong ideas and opinions about music, food and gadgets but I am willing to argue myself in a circle until I agree with your reasoned critique of my position. You must be a good arguer. Do you have a mailing list? I think we could have a future together.

I'm active on and understand social media. Use the little icons below to connect with me.