Christopher Cox

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Here I go attempting to talk about myself, to put it simply I'm bubbly as hell, annoyingly friendly, frustratingly optimistic, loyal as loyal can be when I'm happy, spontaneous, random, mature but only when I need to be; life sucks smile n laugh as often as possible, I stand for what i know is right, I am an adrenaline junkie on a LONG dry spell due to reasons but cant wait to make people gasp n worry while I'm pimp slapping the Reaper, loving, funny, hopeless romantic, and so sooooo much more most the time i dont know where i start or end. AND the two most important gorgeous things that I have ever seen my baby girls who I rarely get to see and constantly think, worry, smile, and cry my face off reguarly.....drum roll plz.......Miss Rori "Bumble Bee" Dawn and Triniti "My Princess" Marie

  • Education
    • Oologah High School