Chris D'Amico

An advertising veteran with national and global brand experience, I am presently the creative and strategic lead on the Dunkin' Donuts account at Hill Holliday, Boston. I have been fortunate enough to have great success and work with an eclectic mix of high-profile brands and client sectors across all media. I love what I do and believe everyday and everything can be an opportunity.

Professional mission:
Using infectious positivity, keen wit and cool head to create salient and meaningful engagements between brands and their customers that transfer directly into action or commerce.

Connecting with people on a human level. Leading strategic & creative teams to generate, develop and execute ideas that live across all media. Creating brand narratives that are memorable, relatable to audience, on brand tone, and execute call to action. Partnering with companies to establish clear market voice, brand relevance, and increased sales.
Making it simple.

Storytelling, problem solving, graphic design, finding the insight, SoLoMo, game mechanics, authenticity, data and technology, life-changing travel, food as religion, the truth, surfing, selvedge denim, double IPA's and Left Bank Bordeaux, simplicity, whatever my kids draw, my family, and the relentless pursuit of making everyday great and fun.