Christine Neblett

Christine Neblett

Developing networks of leaders and entrepreneurs internationally who desire more time freedom, financial viability and optimum health is the mission of Christine Neblett. She is a master at doing and accomplishing the impossible with her determined and irresistible spirit while she shares and coaches others to do the same.

Christine transformed her life from the “Broke-itis” syndrome, struggles of being a single mom for 14 years and “cants” mentality because of fear, to an entrepreneur who is fearless, breaking all barriers of the impossible and coaches others to do the same through a proven system in multi-level marketing.

Her participation in JCI, a worldwide leadership development organization, knowledge in applied management and finances, coupled with Ardyss International a worldwide health and wellness opportunity, has catapulted her to a remarkable leader in the international community.

She is a certified “Trainer/Presenter” with who believes that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life and with her serving humanity is the best act one can embrace. In her quest to fulfill her mandate of “doing the impossible, no matter what” Christine is sharing and coaching others through her message “health and financial freedom is yours all you have to do is receive it”.

Christine now spends her time traveling the entire world and impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands through Chrisdan Enterprises and Ardyss International, offering hope, motivation, inspiration and determination, to assure them that “you can do the impossible no matter what, by just changing the way you think and act”!