Christopher Diaz

El Paso, Tx

Consultant for Directory Plus. I help businesses in the El Paso area to leverage the power of the Internet to help find, connect and engage with their customers.

My consultation process helps me understand your business to design a strategy that will achieve your goals. I measure your progress, and continuously improve your results.

I can manage all of your digital marketing needs or just those parts with which you need help. We help you leverage the power of the internet to take your business to the next level.

• Be Found online in the top search engines and websites

• Be Engaging through content that sets you apart from your competitors, creates “buzz” about your business and builds deeper loyalty from new and existing customers

• Be Efficient by providing you digital marketing experts and tools that will save you time (and therefore money) as you build an effective marketing program

• Be Informed by reporting your results and providing the expertise to adjust your strategy to achieve even better results and higher conversion rates

To learn more about how Directory Plus can help with your digital marketing goals, give me a call at (915) 205-0601 or e-mail me at

  • Education
    • MBA
    • Political Science
    • Entrepreneurship