Chris Heuer

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Startup Founder in San Francisco, CA

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Since I was young, I've always seen how things could be instead of how they are, which is why I founded Alynd, to bring clarity to collaboration and help teams get on the same page. I started an interactive agency back in 1994. Launched in 1995. Taught web design, multimedia and interactive marketing at Miami Ad School in 1997. Served as Chief of eBusiness for U.S. Mint in 1999. Started Conversal in 2000. Built a CMS from scratch in 2003-5. Founded Social Media Club in 2006. Co-founded The Conversation Group in 2007. Launched AdHocnium in 2009. Did more globetrotting and keynoting through 2010. Joined Deloitte Consulting LLP in 2011 to help set up the Social Business practice where I developed The Engagement Curve. I helped launch Deloitte Digital in 2012 and left in 2013 to start Alynd.

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    • BA from American University