Chris Landau

Florence, Oregon, USA

I grow organic fruit and nut trees from seed in 100 % horse manure compost. It is all horseshit! No bullshit! I do not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or hormones. Trees are grown from seed by myself and are 100% natural.

With a degree in geology, meteorolgy and environmental science from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, I can offer you the help you need to grow healthy plants that will add beauty and value to your garden and the earth. The degree was obtained in the time of the dinosaurs, but even before then, I was taught to observe, think and question and requestion my observations.

I also dowse for water by magnetically enhanced dowsing wires, an invention I made more than 30 years ago, while drilling water wells with my own drilling rig. I did electrical resistivity surveys to locate underground water and in so doing discovered that dowsing is simply using your body as a magnetic compass or magnetometer to detect magnetic fields. Dowsing or divining (detecting the Earth's magnetic fault and fracture zones) works for everybody from 5 year old kids and older. I can teach almost anybody to dowse within 1 minute.

I also use my dowsing skills to locate the best position to plant your trees that you wish to grow to a stately size. I find the most fractured areas, those areas that the tree will find easiest to develop a deep root system to locate underground water.

My other interests include astronomy, planetary rock vortices and galactic and stellar hexagonal vortices. I intend to improve our understanding of rotating vortices from hurricanes to polar cyclones and galaxies in my next paper.

I live on the Pacific Ocean in the beautiful forested town of Florence in Oregon, USA. Call or text me for mutual collaboration ventures.

I am raising funds to build a magnificent, all natural, fruit, vegetable and flower farm in Florence Oregon with horse pastures and riding stables to provide the manure for all my plants and to train young people how to live and work with animals and not see them simply as a food source. I am a vegetarian and working on becoming vegan. I only have to drop milk and cheese and I am done. I do this to prevent the death of animals, not for health reasons. If you would like to share in this dream, please go to

Chris Landau +1 530 923 6485

  • Work
    • I grow fruit trees from seed in horse manure compost.
  • Education
    • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.