Chris McNally (Falcon)

President of Falcon Enterprises Associates, Inc. in New York

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Chris McNally is the president of Falcon Enterprises Associates, Inc., a project management company that is committed to providing owners with the representation and direct oversight needed to ensure that their construction projects are completed on time and on budget. Chris McNally's dedication to quality extends far beyond the realm of the design and building he does for clients of Falcon Enterprises Associates. He is committed to effecting positive change in the environment, and he is dedicated to aiding in the wide adoption of clean energy.

As a member of the Circle of 1,000 at the National Resources Defense Council, Chris McNally is a contributing member of Riverkeeper, the Central Park Conservancy, and Scenic Hudson. Riverkeeper seeks to defend the integrity of New York's Hudson River by not only protecting the drinking water for millions of NYC residents but also by maintaining the recreational and commercial aspects of the river as well. The Central Park Conservancy works to care for the titular park by tending to 250 acres of lawns, 24,000 trees, 150 acres of lakes, and 130 acres of woodlands. The Conservancy installs hundreds of thousands of plantings every year and maintains the manmade structures such as benches, playgrounds, and monuments. Scenic Hudson is an advocacy group dedicated to restoring the Hudson River and its surrounding landscape.

In addition to working as president of Falcon Enterprises Associates, Chris McNally, is a contributing member of the High Line fund in New York City, which aims to build and maintain a public park on New York's High Line while supporting its annual operating budget. Mr. McNally has also served as a panelist on the Event Council of NY Cooperatives and Condominium's 30th Annual Housing Conference. As a panelist, he answered questions about the process, costs, and improvements that his projects have brought about to the NYC area.

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