Chris Plaford

Founder and CEO of Capital Asset Properties in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, Chris Plaford possesses a diverse background in a number of industries, including real estate and finance. Overall, though, Chris is gifted with the ability of identifying a need and developing a feasible solution that creates excellent results.

The most recent example of Chris Plaford's talents comes in the form of Capital Asset Properties, a real estate investment firm he established in 2013 with the intention of helping individuals in Middle America secure funding for various projects. After all, it is quite rare that a bank will partner with smaller clients, as they prefer to pursue larger leads. As such, Capital Asset Properties serves as a solution to those who wish to flip homes for profit, renovate properties, or simply invest in a local real estate market.

Outside of his career, Chris Plaford is also an avid fisherman, and has become known for his existing fishing videos. From beach shark fishing to deep sea fishing, Plaford has continued to build on his skills. He has had the opportunity to show his family and friends about how to fish in different environments, and enjoys the quality time that it provides.

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