Christopher Smitley

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Business Owner in Sacramento, California

Christopher Smitley

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Business Owner in Sacramento, California

Currently living in El Dorado, Hills, CA and working on multiple businesses. Proud father. Madly in love with an amazing girl. Passionate about food and health.

Current investments & businesses: - Founder& CEO. Digital marketing brand primarily focused on email and affiliate traffic.

The Golf Ball Charger (@golfballcharger) - Patent.Inventor and co-founder. A portable charger for electronic devices that looks like a golf ball. Launches in 2019.

The Metropolitan - Investor. Restaurant/Nightclub located in Roseville, CA. Opens January 2019.

AdverMail - Founder & CEO. An email review website for anyone looking to choose an email service provider. Launches in 2019.

Wrap It Up - Co-Founder & Investor - A graphic design company that specializes in wrapping graphics on automobiles and oversize prints for walls. - Lead generation website for real estate in the Sacramento area. - Lead generation website for those who want to stay on top of their rates with service providers. - Lead generation website for homeowners who want to know when mortgage rates change.

Most recently travelled Europe for two months. Started in London, then moved on to Paris, Monte Carlo, Italy, the Greek islands and ended in Barcelona.

Business-wise I am working on my super-secret review website, working with Solid Design on my patent, running my own personal digital marketing campaigns and every now and then maintaining the lead consistency with California Loan Associates.

Always looking for opportunities in the refinance lead generation arena. If you have leads or otherwise, please reach out.

I'm originally from Sacramento, California. Spent 3 years in Miami Beach, Florida. 1 year in Ridgewood, New Jersey. 4 years in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 2 years in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Currently living in El Dorado Hills, CA.

If you want to know more or want to work with me in any capacity, email is best.

Or just text/call; +001 (909) SMITLEY

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