Christen Lien

I began my studies as a violist at the age of eight. I'm classically-trained, and compose original music on viola that fuse of classical, industrial and electronic influences. I use effect processors and multiple looping pedals as my tools, and in my live performances, contruct compositions layer by layer for my audiences.

My debut album is 'Vol. I: Battle Cry.' It is a musical study of our understanding and relationship to Power – not the kind we acquire, but the kind we are born with and must step into by our own will and determination.

My goal is to foray into new musical territory with compositions that bridge the electronic, industrial and classical genres, while redefining how the world understands and experiences the viola as an instrument. I always study the human condition as my inspiration, and all of my music is conceptually based. Every note, every song, every creation I share has a story behind it.

Today I am composing a multi-media story about the human relationship to hope, fear and expectation. With this second album I've bit off a big one. I've been researching a mythological concept for the past year, and am now recording the tracks.

I give performances across the United States, Mexico and Canada (so far), and am also available for private events, public talks, licensing and soundtrack work.