Christian Tedrow

Academic Professional in Winter Park, Florida

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Christian Tedrow is an academic professional who has taught English at the community college level for over a decade. He teaches on and off at at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. He resides in Winter Park. Christian teaches his students to engage in collaborative work with one another in order to discuss varied opinions and solve problems using multiple viewpoints. He pushes his students to engage their critical thinking skills and also view literature in a way that makes it relative to their daily lives.

Christian Tedrow balances his career with numerous hobbies and interests. He has had a longstanding interest in fitness, and used to work as a personal trainer. Although he no longer does this professionally, he remains highly invested in his own fitness, and is also interested in helping others find their way to fitter, more productive lifestyles.

In addition, Christian Tedrow is an animal lover. He advocates for the protection and conservation of animals, especially wild lions, by nonprofit organizations. One of his favorite organizations is the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT). Christian believes wildlife conservation is vitally important in order to sustain biodiversity in the world and help the environment.

  • Education
    • University of Central Florida