Christina Westafer

With varied experience in the performing arts, Christina Westafer is, among other things, an actress, a promotional spokesmodel, and a respected makeup artist. Her professional endeavors include dance instruction, and she teaches youth and adults diverse styles, ranging from jazz to ballroom dancing. Christina Westafer enjoys creative activities such as writing and painting in her free time.

In addition, Ms. Westafer is an avid traveller, who particularly enjoys destinations where she can partake in whitewater rafting and camping and other outdoor activities. She has studied a number of foreign languages, including French, Russian, and Spanish, and is fascinated by European culture, particularly prominent royalty like the Ludwig and Romanov families.

Also an active community presence, Ms. Westafer contributes to nonprofits such as PetSmart Charities and supports the preservation efforts of various wildlife organizations. She has volunteered at nursing homes and with faith-based groups, with whom she taught at vacation Bible school programs. Christina Westafer also works in the health services sector and provides clients with quality laser therapy.