Christine Cerda

Public Speaker, Realtor, and Life Coach in Fresno, California

Good day, I’m Christine, a Real Estate Global Land Strategist who enjoys Business & Construction Advisory; I am an Inventor of Life, Love and Harmony of Home, Living in Fresno, California. I am a fan of nature, biking, rational practicality, skiing, politics, boating and trending real estate economics & construction. I’m also interested in education, music and divine law.

You can find my book on The Power of House with a click on the button above.

Christine has put together an extremely helpful resource for anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in today's real state market. I would highly recommend working with Christine as she is a very knowledgeable real estate professional."
Than Merill, Founder & Star of A&E's " Flip this House"
CoreTalk and the 10 Steps to Buying and Selling a Home combine financial literacy and homeownership education in a meaningfully and easily understood way. This is an outstanding program for all Californians entering or reentering the housing market after the subprime mortgage crisis.”
Carol A Jensen, Essentials of Real Estate Economics, onCourse Learning 2016
Without question, my family and I would not have been able to call the house we live in today a home without Christines' professional intervention in helping us navigate the buying process. Because of her specialized and in-dept knowledge in real estate, my family now has a secure future for generations to come. Thank you Christine!"
Claudia Barajas, MA Past Client, 2012
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