Christine de la Garza

NYC. Baltimore. Austin.

For a little more than two decades, I've had the privilege of cultivating a diverse and robust list of capabilities... as a global & multicultural ad exec, marketer, strategist, brand steward and change agent ― honing a craftsman's expertise along the way and building a portfolio of success stories for brands like: Martha Stewart, Sprite, Fanta, Alltel, Tanqueray, Wendy's, BMW, Cole Haan, HBO, Sea Tow, Conde Nast & more.

When the traditional ad world no longer suited my sensibilities, I went rogue to launch & mentor startups, partner as a strategist & marketing consultant with a fold of growing SMEs, spearhead a brand evolution as marketing lead at a global franchise, and play a variety of strategic roles at a handful of boutique digital, brand & innovation agencies.

From Agency-side to Client-side to Consulting & Startup, each role and opportunity has informed a hybrid marketing fluency, a passionate advocacy for XD and CXD, and a strategic approach to brand building inspired by Design & Systems Thinking.

As Founder & CDO at MKTG.IS, I have partnered with people, companies & agencies navigating maturation, evolution, reinvention, validation, launch and/or startup ― to connect dots and create strategic clarity, cultural coherence, customer relevance, build community, inspire alignment & drive conversion and commerce grounded in customer success.

Today, as Founder @Strajillion and CMO @getRAKKOON, I'm stepping into digital parenting disruption with a sense of wonder and a keen respect for this remarkable point in time, where technology, data, society, socialization, privacy & security are converging and disrupting how we conduct ourselves and how we parent our children. With an awesome team of Founders, we're buiding RAKKOON a breakthrough digital parenting product that allows modern parents to manage and monitor their kids smart devices without being overbearing or too intrusive. But more than that, RAKKOON helps parents educate and steward their "digital natives" to make responsible choices as they grow into their cyberlives.

In my spare time, I'm known to design and make custom boots @delacav, and attempting to share hard won wisdom with a certain spirited teenager.

In the future, I hope to find myself off the grid, catching up on things I love like writing, reading, cooking, singing & napping.