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I merge these disciplines as a new product and services leader, designing white space strategies and solutions to exploit artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics in business operations.

I've worked especially to bring language technology to market–whether mining incredible intelligence from customer phone conversations, launching the world's leading text-to-speech engine, advising a company pioneering mobile speech translation in hospitals or inventing more natural interfaces as a Bell Labs scientist.

My intuition on what makes a great solution flows from deep knowledge of the science behind the software, melded with an intimate appreciation of product strategy and the design process. My instincts on how to operationalize AI and analytics to gain competitive advantage draw on years of partnering with entrepreneurs of all kinds, as a business owner, startup consultant and trusted advisor to the entrepreneurs within enterprises who are most comfortable doing business at the bleeding edge. You know who you are, and I hope to meet you there.


Mobile privacy opt-out service with the Future of Privacy Forum

Voice of the Customer with the Fortune 1000

World's leading text-to-speech launched for Nuance

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