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The Bahamas Travel Health Card, an official identification card, allows you to enter the country according to the COPIA-19 regulations. Among the many recommendations, it is important to observe a fourteen-day quarantine, as well as the wearing of a face mask and other necessary precautions while you're in the actual country. In the islands, the Bahamas Travel Health Card is a valid passport like your normal passport. The card also covers all international air travel to the Bahamas, even if it is conducted via another Caribbean country. Reminder: A Bahamas Travel Health Card works just like any regular passport. Your travel documents will have a unique barcode that identifies you as a tourist.

As a reminder, a Bahamas Travel Health Card is only good for entries into the Bahama Islands. It cannot be used as a passport to enter Canada, Mexico, or any other country. There are no plans to issue a Bahamas Travel Health Card to Canadian residents who want to travel to the Bahamas. The government is currently reviewing this request and will make a final decision by the end of fiscal year 2021. It is better to obtain a Bahama Travel Health Card if your country requires a passport to travel to Canada.

The Bahamas Travel Health Card covers land entry and departure, as well as boat entry and exit. Import and Exception Exceptions are still subject to further review at a later time. In the mean time, the information provided on the Bahamas Travel Health Card is the equivalent of having a green card that allows entry into the Bahamas.

You can purchase Bahamas Travel Health Cards at many retailers on the island, as well as at several government offices. The government office sells the cards at an annual rate and can provide information about obtaining your own. They can also be purchased online from different vendors. You can purchase the cards in English or Spanish. They also have important information about travel and medical emergencies. Anyone who travels to the Bahamas can dial toll-free emergency numbers.

As noted earlier, the Bahamas Travel Health Card is valid for entry into the Bahamas and is also good for boat travel to certain ports in the Bahamas. It does not cover non-medical services. You would need to have another type of insurance, such as a Bahamian Passport issued by the Bahama Island Government.