Christopher Dennington

United Kingdom

Hi, I’m based in the UK and enjoy travelling internationally.

Eagerly awating the release of deepsea challenge on the 8th of August, very fortunate to be a part of James Cameron's epic voyage to the deepest depth of the Ocean, the Marianna Trench.

I am currently supporting Nickelled, we can improve your customer service. Instantly.

Nickelled is an innovative, new, web based solution that can immediately supercharge your customer support and in-house training.

It provides customer education through interactive guides (written by yourselves) created using your website, quickly and easily.

We are currently offering chosen clients a free trial month. / see below for hyperlink

Our technology is now live on Gumtree's website:

To contact me for a complimentary nickelled trial please mail [email protected]

/ [email protected]

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    • Project Consultant
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    • International People"s College