Christopher Babayode

London Lagos

Christopher Babayode

London Lagos

I'm Christopher Babayode, the nutritional therapist with a unique

approach for eliminating jet lag.

I've flown as crew for the biggest UK airline

for over a decade and discovered how to eliminate and reduce jet lag.

It comes easy when you fly so often !

Of all the places I've been I love California best,

followed closely by Singaporeand Vancouver.

I like finding gems off the beaten track especially

when they give up something unique about a place.

I like integrated health approaches, living by the sea,

a healthy lifestyle and eastern philosophies .

My hobbies are keeping fit, bike riding, ice skating and travelling.

I like food preferably raw, living bursting with life and enzymes.

I like a good spicy Indian curry now and then

.......maybe a bit more now than then!