Christopher Bulin

Founder, Public Speaker, and Consultant in Memphis, Tennessee

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I am a Husband. Father. Son. Christian. I have been in the payments industry for close to 20 years, and throughout my career, I have helped thousands of small-to-medium businesses identify miscellaneous fees on their accounts and helped them streamline and or reduce expenses.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed solving problems and excelled at the retention portion of the businesses, engaging with customers to identify some of their pain points.

Over the last few years, the biggest pain point has been that of understanding what it means to be Payment Card Industry Compliance, also known as PCI. From a small-to-medium business, this has always been a check-the-box approach offering no validation or proof.

Well, that is until now…I am proud to say that I am the founder and CEO of Proven PCI and our “PCI-in-a-Box” helps merchants obtain some cybersecurity posture for their business with auto-compliance built-in. No longer do they have to identify the proper questionnaire, our platform is so simple it's “Run and Done.”

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Thank you and be blessed,

Christopher Bulin

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    • Proven PCI, Inc.
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    • University of Phoenix- Milwaukee Campus