Christopher Bulin

Electronic Payments, Cyber Security, and Lower Fees in Memphis, Tennessee

Although born and raised in the midwest, I longed to move down south and (get away from the cold). I settled in South Carolina, and lived with a friend before I met the woman that would forever change my life. I moved to the south to make a change ultimately. This woman rocked my world and challenged me to think differently about life and how I conducted business.

She introduced me to someone that I never knew, someone I questioned, someone that I only turned to when I was facing a difficult time in my life. His name is Jesus. I am proud to say that.

A year and a half later I was saved, It means that I am a disciple, follower and believer in God and that I know He sent His only Son to die for my sins, that He conquered death and rose 3 days later. I try to live my life an run my business with the mindset and focus on the following verse:

" So whether you eat or drink, or whtever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

~1 Cornithians 10:31

Now fast forward 3-4 years, we have since moved to Memphis, TN/N. Mississippi Region and have been married for 2 years, we have 3 amazing children.

I represent ClearPay Financial Midsouth and have clients and affiliates throughout both states. I have been in my industry for 15 years with my team. My core values are;

1. Relationship focused

2. Provide cutting edge technology

3. Educating our clients on best practices

My biggest passion is educating my clients and community of the importance of technology and compliancy while taking payments. As our culture has embraced more and more technology for payments it is more crucial than ever to maintain compliance, we educate past the SAQ by offering a product suite that will ease the hassle, remind of quarterly scans when needed, and much more.

ClearPay Midsouth has 2 main partners that we believe in and want to share with the community, these partners can work in tangent with one another using ClearPay Midsouth as the backbone:

~ Extra Credit Donations - we will either meet or beat your existing fees, while donating a portion of the fees you pay each month to a nonprofit, school or charity of choice.

~ CyberPayments.Solutions- a product suite that helps business owners by reducing their cost for compliance, without increasing fees for processing.

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    • ClearPay Financial Midsouth
  • Education
    • University of Phoenix- Milwaukee Campus