Christopher Bull

Software Engineer and Researcher in Lancaster, United Kingdom

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My research interests are in medical informatics and digital healthcare technologies. I am currently a Research Associate on the SAMS project at Lancaster University, which looks to detect dementia/Alzheimer's disease early through passive monitoring of elderly computer users.

My PhD research focused on exploring design studios in education (from a variety of areas: architecture, product design, art etc.), and how aspects of the environment can be transferred across to Computer Science education; this involves looking at co-located developers during design and implementation phases of software projects (inspired by my Masters Thesis — CoffeeTable). This also relates to my main broad interest of collaboration in software development teams.

As a PhD student, I was digital innovation researcher, and part of the first cohort of the HighWire DTC. My background is in Computer Science and Software Engineering, but have been immersing myself in the Design discipline and exploring how Design and Computing cross. I have a wide and varied interest in many areas of Computer Science including software engineering (in a broad sense), software project management, education in computer science/software engineering, HCI and web development. I have also dabbled in Management Science and Project Management.

  • Work
    • Senior Research Associate
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    • Computer Science & Software Engineering