Christopher D. Ochs

Author Illustrator

Insomnia is my muse.
I am "Voice of OTAKON" -- Hear me snark!
Still mourns the loss of every one of his four-legged friends.
Names some story characters after favorite D&D personae.
Aiee! Zombies! Stroll for your lives!
Pity my friends who still like me after 40 years.
Never married, but came close twice.
Hates licorice, but loves to cook with 5-spice powder.
Has watched "2001: A Space Odyssey" forty-two times.
Sings along with "The Wizard of Oz" -- Every Time!
I am half the man I used to be, and my scale is thankful.
Misses his 1994 Saturn SC2.
Plays board games most people have never even heard of.
Tabasco is for wimps.

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    • anigrafx, llc
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    • Moravian College
    • Lehigh University