Christopher Ming

Designer in New York

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I’m a Hollywood and digital product guy.

I love stories -- books, film and TV. I believe the key to change is changing the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves.


I’m a product developer for New York Times Bestselling author and founder of I Will Teach You to be Rich, Ramit Sethi. I work on online products that have helped thousands of students build their professional networks, create their own online businesses, overcome social anxiety, and lose weight & build muscle. You can see our work at


I teach people how to move to Los Angeles and land your first job -- even if you have little experience and no connections -- at


After writing a cold email pitch, I worked with NYT Bestselling author and screenwriter Dennis Lehane, who wrote the books The Given Day, Shutter Island, and Mystic River, and on the shows The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, and Bloodline.

During my time with Dennis we published and marketed World Gone By and The Drop, delivered and produced The Drop starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, and developed several pitches including Asheville for HBO ( and Love/Hate for Showtime (


Before that, I worked at Intellectual Property Group, a literary management company that brings books to film and television. Some of their titles: The Wolf of Wall Street, Boardwalk Empire, The Expanse, Pain & Gain, Life of Pi, Gone Baby Gone, and LA Confidential.

I started as an intern. Three days later, I interviewed for the CEO's assistant position after reading and pitching 6 unpublished manuscripts to him. Prior to IPG, my entertainment experienced involved asking Sony executives if they’d like their dressing on the side at a Culver City restaurant.